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How long should my Grabba battery last?

There is no exact answer for this. The battery is sized to provide at least an average working day of use. Often it is much longer than this. The actual length depends on the Data Capture technology in the Grabba and the usage pattern.

What is a Keyboard Wedge and what does it do?

The keyboard wedge function allows the scanned/read data from the Grabba to be entered into the screen just like you used the keyboard (or software keyboard) included with the PDA/Smartphone.

Is Grabba Keyboard only to be used with a Grabba unit?

The Grabba keyboard will only work when there is a Grabba device attach to your Apple device and they both make a successful connection. The Grabba Keyboard sends a command to the Grabba device to established a link in order to use the functionalities such as barcode and proxcard. If there is no Grabba device [...]

I’m able to scan a barcode

I'm able to scan a barcode and the number will be inserted into a text field. But what I need is the Grabba unit to scan the barcode, insert into the text field and submit the form all by just pressing the trigger. Basically, I need to simulate an enter key press after the carriage return. [...]

What is an SDK and how do I get it?

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is for software developers only. This allows a custom written application to control the operation of the Grabba.

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