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We cannot pass data into the MRTD API to unlock and start reading the chip.

Download the Grabba app sample for iOS which is called GRCatalog. Please check how we read the MRTD option in the GRCatalog Documentation. You will find very useful code samples here. If you want to retrieve specific data from your ID document, you need to pass the fileID that corresponds to that specific data. For [...]

My iClass card cannot be read by the Grabba unit, what can be the problem?

Check the following: Proxcard Demo: Do you have another card in the field? Also make sure NFC is off in your phone when using the grabba. Your card could also contain dual technologies (mifare + iclass). To get the raw data, enable the HID Return raw data option, that will give you most information about [...]

Can I get a reading greater than 5 cm using the Grabba unit with UHF technology?

The range of the Grabba unit is of 43cm. This range was obtained in free space, with no obstructions or nearby conducting materials. In a test scenario, this involved the UHF tag on the floor (concrete) and holding the reader directly above the tag. Metallic objects and other sources of interference can reduce the rated [...]

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