All in one solutions upgrading popular mobile tablets with powerful biometric and data capture technologies.

  • Certifications:
    FBI PIV certified components available.
    Validations with UAE Identity & Citizenship Authority (ICA).

  • Technologies:
    Biometric and data capture components. Details >

  • Devices: Android and Windows

  • Size: Up to 357 x 226 x 38mm

  • Charging: USB Type C included.

  • Battery Capacity: Tablet capacity + 3400 mAh LiPo

Secure Connection

The Grabba device plugs into the USB port allowing all communication and data transfer to be hard-wired and more secure.

Smart Powered

Every Grabba unit has a built in rechargeable battery that simultaneously charges the Grabba unit and the attached tablet.

Instant Wake-up

No device pairing required to establish a link. Simply unlock the attached tablet and the Grabba is ready to go.


Built in Grabba Technologies AS9100D certified production facility for a best in class solution.


Made with polycarbonate and TPE rubber to resist impact and endure shocks and vibrations.


Designed for simple and efficient operation with a built in desk stand and a hand strap.


Best of breed components to achieve your mission.

Facial Biometrics.

  • Grabba ID.

    Using the mobile phone's camera the GrabbaID software reliably and accurately captures and processes facial images both for individuals and in group situations. The Facial Capture with liveness detection, analysis and matching capabilities all meet the highest levels of industry certification.

Fingerprint Scanner.

  • Idemia CBM Series – FAP10.

    Certified PIV IQS by the FBI, the large 14 x 22mm surface uses IDEMIA’s patented optical technology for an optimised single flat fingerprint image. Biometric algorithms process the image directly on the embedded processor for exceptional speed and accuracy, with in-built security, including fake finger detection.

Card Readers.

  • Grabba Smartcard Reader.

    Reads national ID cards, transport, security, membership, and store payment cards. Compatible with Siemens, ATmel and ST Microelectronics cards. Offline and Online Public Data reading for Emirates ID cards

  • Magtek IntelliHead MSR.

    The advanced multitrack magnetic stripe reading head can read 1, 2 or 3 track cards. It is extremely fast and reliable with a life expectancy of 1 million passes. Compliant with AAMVA, ISO7810, 7811 and ANSI.

Barcode Reader.

  • Honeywell N660X.

    The N660X flagship series sports their premium imaging sensor. With its powerful white illumination it captures more detail, with motion tolerance up to 5.78. It comes with a choice of a sharp, green LED-based aimer, or a better visible red laser aimer for appropriate operational environments.

RFID Reader.

  • High Frequency RFID.

    The Grabba reader uses proprietary technology to ensure the highest performance and seamless integration with other Grabba technologies. Reads and writes onto 13.56MHz tokens, cards and tags, and supports all common payment and data standards, including DESFire®, FelicaTM, Mifare®and NFC.

The U-Series in action.

Grabba is proud to support Etisalats new ‘Store of the Future’ program with a full-sized windows-based point of sale solution. This powerful Point of Sale device seamlessly integrates the built in biometric and data capture components with ICA validation, allowing staff to confirm customers identities and process their transactions with security and ease.

Du utilise the U-Series to provide mobile and flexible concierge style services to their customers for post-paid/pre-paid phone and sim services. Fully integrated with the Identity and Citizenship Authority, the U-Series provides a powerful biometric ‘Know Your Customer’ solution utilising the Emirates ID to biometrically identify customers.

Supported by Grabba Care.

Supported by Grabba Care.

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