Pencil accurate signatures

The Grabba signature capture panel uses a resistive style digitiser to allow input of a signature or other hand writing with a stylus.

The captured signature can be automatically saved to an image file or the Grabba SDK can be used to detect and record individual pen strokes including pen up and pen down events.

Grabba Signature Capture Devices allow consumer devices with either no touch screen or a capacitive touch screen to be used with enterprise signature capture applications.


Grabba Series X–SIG
Hardware Polycarbonite backed, resistive touch panel
Active area 50mm x 43mm
Sampling rate 1000hz
Sample precision (typical) < 0.05mm
Hot Zones Start and Stop Triangles

A fully tailored hardware solution.

The Grabba innovative and configurable design allows you to combine 8 different technologies to create a fully tailored hardware solution that meets your specific use case. Browse technologies >

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