The real benefit lies in allowing the Officers to spend less time doing administrative work back at the office and thus achieve the objectives of the Mobile Effectiveness On the Street (MEOS) program.

Dutch Police choose Grabba Identity Data capture and Samsung Smart Phone as part of their Mobile Effectiveness On Street program

The Grabba / Samsung identity capture combination will be used by Officers to help them identify citizens as they go about their patrols. The combination of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone and a Grabba attachment presents as an ideal mobile device for Officers as it is light, robust and easy to carry. The software application used on the combination device was custom developed for the Police.

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  • 2D Barcode Scanner for [what]

  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) for Passports, ID Cards and Visas

  • High Frequency RFID reader for [what is this used for?]

  • Fingerprint capture using Grabba’s special FBI Certified Optical technology

The Grabba / Samsung Combination then allows an Officer to immediately check against various Government registers such as GBA (Municipal Administration), BVH (Basic Enforcement) or HKS (Identification Service Systems that informs about suspects registrations). From these registers the Police Officer can receive an alert if a subject being interviewed has any record of criminal offences or if there are any registrations of concern and in such case Officers can take appropriate actions immediately.

By using the Grabba / Samsung / combination the Dutch Police can reduce administrative burdens and costs, accelerate and streamline the process, and prevent errors.

If the identity check and the circumstances of the apprehension result in an Officer needing to issue a ticket to the subject then the Officer may choose to use the Samsung / Grabba combination to add evidence to a case file right there “On the Street”. For example to use the fingerprint scanner to capture a set of fingerprints and hold for positive identification of the subject in future.

The Officer may use the Samsung Camera to take photos of the subject and the situation at the point of apprehension or may use the recording function on the Smartphone to add a deposition (spoken) or use the note taking facility to add a note to the file.

An official ticket will then be produced and mailed to the subject from an administrative centre within five days.

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