Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I download the Grabba demo app?2018-02-27T22:49:15+00:00
How do I revert to an older firmware?2018-02-27T22:45:07+00:00

Android – You can only do so on Android. Download a previous driver, connect Grabba to phone and firmware downgrade would take place.

iOS – No firmware downgrade can happen on IOS devices. On IOS devices only firmware upgrades are allowed.

Why don’t I see any lights when I plug the charger into the Grabba?2018-02-27T22:46:49+00:00

Firstly ensure the wall charger is plugged into a functioning power socket and the charge connector is properly connected into the Grabba. If so leave the Grabba on charge and wait for up to 2 hours. If the Orange charge light comes on during this period then the Grabba must have been extremely flat and the 2 hours was needed for trickle charging for battery protection. You should now charge the Grabba overnight.

Where do I find the serial number, model number, firmware version, hardware version and software version of my Grabba unit?2018-02-27T22:48:52+00:00

Serial number and model number are on the sticker on the front of the Grabba device

When the Grabba device is connected to a phone with the Grabba demo app, you will find the firmware version, hardware version and software version at the bottom right of the app main page and the serial number and model number would be displayed at the top left.

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