Security & Policing

Managing a population which is mobile by nature requires a technology solution that is as secure as it is seamless and efficient.

Grabba is built on a platform of mobility and with research and development at its core, provides an ideal solution for the new smarter, more sophisticated world. For more than 10 years Grabba has supported law enforcement and border protection professionals worldwide.

Grabba has changed the way outbound operations work – freeing officers to be more mobile, instantly receive information about a subject whilst not requiring any specialised equipment to work.

300 Grabba devices were deployed allowing Eurostar staff to 
accurately and efficiently read over 20 million passports within 18 months.

Travel & Leisure

Efficiently manage people and information with accuracy.

Grabba provides a mobile solution for industries that are literally on the move. With a growing list of cruise line operators, airports and venue managers, Grabba improves the traveling experience for passengers and holiday makers, while keeping crowds safe at major events.

Grabba also enhances customer experience and brand consistency for major telecommunications retailers via a rugged and dynamic information capture system.

Operations & Logistics

Grabba technology allows enterprises to manage and measure their processes and physical assets.

By taking physical counts and measurements and moving that information into the digital domain, insights can be derived that shape and improve processes, increase revenue, and mitigate risk of lost time and value. Grabba is enabling operational improvements in industries across warehousing, logistics, agriculture, land management, healthcare, education and animal management.

Grabba devices have allowed us to optimise our process of recording all cotton bale 
movements throughout our supply chain from Ex Gin to export.

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