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The Grabba configurable design system allows you to integrate the latest biometric, data capture, and identity authentication technologies to create fully tailored hardware and software solutions.

We’re driven by a passion for R&D and delivering solutions that efficiently, accurately and securely fulfil our customers missions.

Best of breed biometric, identity authentication, and data capture components.

  • Facial Biometrics

    Powerful algorithms for face detection, identification and authentication.

  • Iris Scanners

    Single and dual iris capture and recognition in a portable module.

  • Fingerprint Scanners

    One to ten fingers in amazing high resolution and accurate detail.

  • Passport Readers

    High frequency RFID and MRZ reader for scanning all types of passports.

  • Smartcard Readers

    Fast transaction times and support for all major smartcard formats.

  • Magnetic Stripe Readers

    Read 1, 2 or 3 track cards in standard or proprietary encoding formats.

  • Barcode Readers

    Linear, 2D stacked, 2D matrix and postal barcode reading plus OCR support.

  • RFID Readers

    Exceptional components for reading Low, High and Dual frequencies.

  • MRZ Readers

    An OCR swipe reader that decodes MRZ information in passports and licenses.