Build your own Grabba using the latest biometric, identity authentication and data capture capabilities.

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Grabba is platform agnostic

Intelligent Design

Grabba devices have unique design dna. The mobile device is held in a custom fitting case that is firmly attached to the Grabba device containing custom integrated technology.

Grabba devices are designed to evolve within the ever changing digital landscape, and generally require only a simple case change to upgrade to a new smart device. Upgrades and enhancement are easily performed with minimal down time, keeping your enterprise focused on its core objectives and improving long term return on investment.

Lightweight & Strong

Grabba devices are designed for efficient and comfortable operations. They are lightweight and easy to handle over many repeatable work processes. The materials used to make this lightweight device are also capable of withstanding a drop from waist height, thanks to its high-impact polycarbonate manufacture.

Smart Powered

Every Grabba unit has its own rechargeable lithium-ion battery and draws no power from the attached smartphone or tablet. A Grabba charger is supplied with every unit and will charge both the Grabba unit and the attached phone or tablet at the same time. This single-charger convenience ensures that a completely charged solution is ready at the start of each work day.

Secure Connection

The Grabba device plugs into the USB or lightning port of the smart device. This allows all communication and data transfers to be hard-wired, making them more secure than wireless and Bluetooth transmissions. A Grabba is capable of being online and networked, all of the time – or offline in a secured environment while remaining live to capture data.

Extended Battery

Within some industries and commercial environments, a Grabba system is used around the clock. An optional extended battery can be installed into a Grabba device that typically more than doubles the battery life.

Instant Wakeup

Grabba Devices are securely attached to the smart device meaning there is no device pairing required to establish a link. Simply unlock the smart phone or tablet phone and the Grabba is ready to go.

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