Powerful technologies beautifully packaged into a sleek unit, paired with the mobile device wirelessly or via a cable.

Powerful technologies beautifully packaged into a sleek unit,
paired with the mobile device wirelessly or via a cable.

  • Technologies:
    Biometric and data capture components. Details >
  • Devices: Pairs with Apple, Android and Windows devices

  • Size: 160 x 90 x 30mm

  • Weight: 475g

  • Charging: USB Type C included. Options for Wireless.

  • Battery Capacity: 6500 mAh


Built in Grabba Technologies AS9100D certified production facility for a best in class solution.


Made with polycarbonate and TPE rubber to resist impact and endure shocks and vibrations.


Lightweight and easy to use for lengthy periods. Designed for simple and efficient operation.

Configure your A-Series with the technology components required to achieve your mission.

Facial Biometrics.

  • Grabba ID.

    Using the mobile phone's camera the GrabbaID software reliably and accurately captures and processes facial images both for individuals and in group situations. The Facial Capture with liveness detection, analysis and matching capabilities all meet the highest levels of industry certification.

Fingerprint Scanner.

Available in either a FAP50 or FAP60 configuration.

  • Integrated Biometrics Five-0 – FAP50.

    Equipped with Integrated Biometrics’ LES film-based sensing technology, this device can scan single flats/rolls as well as four-print slaps in high quality even if the fingers are visibly dirty or dry.

  • Jenetric Livetouch Quattro Compact – FAP60.

    Combines unmatched user friendliness with high quality fingerprint images. The integrated touch screen provides easy to understand instructions that reduce failure to enrol rates and shorten the capture process.

Card Reader.

  • Magtek IntelliHead MSR.

    The advanced multitrack magnetic stripe reading head can read 1, 2 or 3 track cards. It is extremely fast and reliable with a life expectancy of 1 million passes. Compliant with AAMVA, ISO7810, 7811 and ANSI.

Barcode Reader.

  • Honeywell N4680.

    The N4680 fully decoded scan engine supports 1D and 2D symbologies plus beyond barcode functionalities like OCR. The global shutter is extremely motion tolerant to reach 6m/s, with image capture up to 120fps, and able to efficiently read even poorly printed or on screen barcodes.

RFID Reader.

  • High Frequency RFID.

    The Grabba reader uses proprietary technology to ensure the highest performance and seamless integration with other Grabba technologies. Reads and writes onto 13.56MHz tokens, cards and tags, and supports all common payment and data standards, including DESFire®, FelicaTM, Mifare®and NFC.

MRZ Reader.

  • HID OCR310 MRZ Reader.

    An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) swipe reader capable of decoding Visas, e-Passports and various National Identity documents.

The A-Series in action.

“Grabba is a trusted technology partner over the long term having supported mission critical programs and Identity security at border and internal locations for CBP.”

Program Manager, CBP Mobile.

Supported by Grabba Care.

Supported by Grabba Care.

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