Grabba International Pty Ltd is committed to best efforts in meeting the regulatory requirements applicable in each market in which our products are offered for sale.

In some instances, because of the Global Market and the Methods of Distribution by which Grabba products may be offered in some markets, it is possible that Grabba products may enter a market without our knowledge. Grabba products may be supplied in a market by others to whom first sale by Grabba was made in a totally different market. Such instances of sale are completely outside of the control of Grabba.

Grabba International Pty Ltd may not be aware of all of the regulatory requirements applicable to products of a kind such as are produced and offered by Grabba in a particular market and so in some cases Grabba relies upon the knowledge of and guidance of the Distributors appointed in those markets. If anyone becomes aware that Grabba products may in some way be non conforming under a regulatory regime in a particular market we would welcome comment by contacting us.

RoHS Regulations

Grabba International Pty Ltd began steps to comply with the RoHS regulations now applicable to the supply of Electrical and Electronic Equipment to customers in Europe in 2005.

The principal steps Grabba has implemented include strict control on all material procurement to ensure that only RoHS compliant inputs are used in manufacture and, where required, by undertaking redesign to eliminate components and materials that are not capable of being compliant.

These compliance measures have made it possible for Grabba to be able to confirm that from July 1, 2008 only fully compliant finished goods have been shipped to all customers.

We at Grabba agree with the EU initiative and with any reasonable steps to protect the environment.

WEEE Directive

Since 2003 Grabba has designed all product in a modular fashion in order to Future Proof the equipment and to make it possible for equipment to be returned for remanufacture and regeneration thus eliminating or at least significantly reducing wasted resources and specifically to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of Grabba devices.

This practice places Grabba in a position where compliance with the WEEE Directive requires minimal additional effort and Grabba confirms that we have been fully compliant with the Directive since August 1, 2006.

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