Grabba has recently been recognised with the prestigious Partner Recognition Award from Etisalat, the UAE telecommunications giant with operations in over 15 countries and an impressive revenue of approximately 25 billion AED. This recognition serves as a testament to Grabba’s exceptional services and innovative solutions that have made a significant impact on Etisalat’s operations.

The Grabba platform’s versatility and robustness helps Etisalat maintain high standards of security and compliance with all regulatory requirements while combating fraud more effectively. Central to Grabba’s impact on Etisalat’s operations is its unique customer onboarding process. Cutting-edge biometric technology and the Identity Credential Authentication (ICA) validation process ensure the identity information provided by the customer is accurate and trustworthy. Moreover, the customer’s experience is more streamlined, secure and hassle-free, which enhances their trust and loyalty.

The recognition from Etisalat highlights Grabba’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients. This award is a welcome affirmation of Grabba’s position as a leader in the industry and an accolade that also enhances Grabba’s ongoing partnership with Etisalat.

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