Global identity security company Grabba has joined the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF) as the official partner for the Tech 4 Good initiative to help foster positive social impact initiatives using technology. 

The WHF’s leadership is driving the conversation towards one humanity where all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Tech 4 Good is a WHF programme that aims to define the role of technology to create better social and environmental outcomes for all as well as to advance the use of technology in humanitarian assistance.

Through this partnership, Grabba will add over two decades of pioneering innovation and integrity to facilitate partnerships through a unified mission with the WHF towards one humanity, shared responsibility.

Grabba designs and engineers Identity solutions that are trusted by security and commercial organisations all over the world. Grabba’s technology solutions support digital transformation and positive change by combining biometrics, and biographical data, to build mobile solutions that secure and empower the identity of citizens.

“Our dedicated team works tirelessly to build the technology and trust that has enabled us to support global organisations with their objectives for over 20 years. And now we are accelerating forward with an even greater purpose, with human impact and significance beyond profit. Our technology is trusted in evacuation crises and refugee displacement, and we are excited to bring impact and energy to the WHF mission,” said Grabba CEO, Micah Walker.

“Our Grabba ID application and GOTO SDK accelerate our humanitarian impact as we leverage not only our innovations, but those of our strategic partners giving global humanitarian organisations access to the best technologies in the world. We are privileged to be invited to partner with the WHF and amplify the Tech 4 Good vision. We intend to turn that vision into a reality for those that need our support the most” he continued.

Grabba CEO Micah Walker formalised the Tech 4 Good partnership with WHF CEO Feraye Ozfescioglu during COP26 in Glasgow.

“COVID-19 has laid bare the world’s fragilities. We are facing great challenges, rising inequalities, injustices and climate change. Leadership and partnerships are crucial to the success in order to overcome the challenges of today. We acknowledge that while we are part of the problem, we have the responsibility—and the power—to lead on the solution. We need to create new norms of leadership and partnerships that go beyond commitment and toward fundamental transformation today, for a better tomorrow,” said World Humanitarian Forum CEO Feraye Ozfescioglu”

“It is truly an honour to partner with the WHF. This is a fitting partnership for Grabba due to the perfect alignment of our vision and values. It is our driving purpose on earth”

Ross McKinnon (Grabba Chairman)

Grabba will feature in the World Humanitarian Forum’s WHFTalks series to commence a sequence of Tech 4 Good programmes in December 2021.

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