Your Grabba attachment is designed with an upgrade/cross grade path in mind. This ability significantly lengthens the usage life of your solution by allowing you to reuse your existing investment.

With Grabba your TCO (total cost of ownership) is lower than other solutions

When an upgrade or crossgrade is done then we also do a battery change and complete check of the Grabba. Once we complete the upgrade/crossgrade then you will have a full 12 months warranty on the complete Grabba.

How does the upgrade work?

Your Grabba is modular and we recognise that as mobile workforce practices change that sometimes a new technology is needed to suit the new requirements. With Grabba we provide you with a solution that gives you this longevity.

Depending on your technology requirements and your current technologies we can often add additional technologies to your existing Grabba. Just contact us for a quotation on the upgrade you require.

How does the cross grade work?

Sometimes as your needs change you need to employ a different solution utilising a different smartphone or pda. Because of Grabbas unique design we are able to change the top section of the Grabba to suit your new Smartphone. Only Grabba can offer you this service.

In most cases the change of top (even between completely different smartphones) can be done at a fraction of the cost of a new Grabba. Just contact us for a quotation on the upgrade you require.

How can we help?

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