Queensland Cotton is an Australian operated company, yet organizationally incorporated into the 2nd largest global trader of cotton Olam International. Queensland Cotton specializes in all stages of the cotton marketing and ginning process including the acquisition of cotton bales, processing seed cotton, pricing and risk management solutions for Australian growers, quality classification of cotton, and supply chain management for export of both cotton bales and cottonseed.

The Challenge

  1. Ability to scan, load bale trucks and record cotton from gin to warehouse;
  2. Ability to scan, containerise and ship based on cotton quality;
  3. Have seamless, real time interaction with SAP;
  4. Provide a method in which over 20 locations, including third party warehouses, can scan cotton in the most efficient manner possible.

The Solution

We have combined the use of Grabba scanning devices connected with mobile devices to produce a wireless, handheld scanning device that records all cotton bale movements throughout the supply chain process from Ex Gin to export.

Whilst the Grabba device provides the scanning capability, a custom in-house application was developed in conjunction with the warehousing team to record cotton bale information scanned. Scanning, warehousing and inventory reporting is all completed through the application in real time with SAP.

The Results

The transformation of our supply chain using Grabba/mobile/SAP has resulted in:

  1. Cost savings;
  2. Reduced inventory processing time and required labour resources
  3. Increased availability of timely information, which has promoted better decision making
  4. Improved accuracy of real time reporting and traceability in inventory management

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