U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a law enforcement organisation responsible for keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. while allowing lawful international travel and trade.

The Challenge

CBP had a need for a handheld unit to be able to read the MRZ information in passports for outbound and inbound security checks at the US borders.

The Solution

Grabba Z-Series and Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone with fingerprint reader, MRZ (passport) reader, RFID reader (for the passport chip), 2D barcode scanner (for driver’s licenses), contact smartcard reader and magnetic stripe reader (for ID cards of all kinds).

The Results

From the CBP publication “Frontline” Vol 4, Issue 2

“A new handheld device, known as a “Grabba,” has quite literally changed the way outbound operations work. The devices allow officers to scan any of the documents they would be able to scan at a primary inspection lane, and instantly receive any information available to CBP about the subject. Perhaps most powerfully, the Grabba does not require any additional specialized equipment—it’s an efficient device that officers on the frontline say is having an impact.”

From the CBP publication “Frontline” Vol 6 Issue 1

“CBP enhanced the ATSm (Automated Targeting System) with a realtime query device known as Grabba, which connects to a smartphone to allow scanning of travel documents to gain traveller identification data. The Grabba can also read fingerprints and radio-frequency identifications. Grabba units have been deployed to El Paso, Laredo, San Diego, Tucson, Buffalo, Detroit, Seattle, Miami and Chicago field offices. Additionally, the Border Patrol has used this technology in the Laredo, Tucson, Blaine, El Centro, El Paso, Miami, Rio Grande Valley and San Diego sectors.”

From the CBP publication “Frontline” Vol 9 Issue 3

“We tested the Biometric Exit Mobile in 2015 at 10 airports around the country…. It showed us we could accurately take fingerprints from a mobile device and gave our officers the capability to do law enforcement and biometric queries on a smartphone if they saw that an individual requires further investigation. As a law enforcement tool, the Biometric Exit Mobile has produced stunning results.”

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