RFID Readers

Dual Frequency RFID

HID Global operates worldwide providing proven and trusted identification solutions. Their iClass SE dual reader module implements a multi-layered approach that adds mutual authentication and data encryption to the card scanning process, ensuring security and privacy.

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Low Frequency RFID

Made in Germany, the ABR200 ensures interference free operation even with other readers in close vicinity. Its 134.2 kHz reader module provides a superior reading range for HDX and FDX transponders, fully compatible to ISO11784 and 11785. It also supports the new Advanced Transponders according to ISO14223 and reads transponders at 125 kHz and the popular H4002 format.

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High Frequency RFID

The Grabba reader uses proprietary technology to ensure the highest performance and seamless integration with other Grabba technologies. Reads and writes onto 13.56MHz tokens, cards and tags, and supports all common payment and data standards, including DESFire®, FelicaTM, Mifare®and NFC.

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