Grabba, the trusted authority in identity technology, and the deep tech credential and access management provider, TODAQ, have announced the release of the new GOTO product.  GOTO is a revolution in how digital identity is secured, verified, and used to prove ownership of authentic assets.

GOTO is designed to give developers the power to adapt their systems and apps to create unforgeable, portable credentials that can be verified P2P, with biometric liveness matching, and bind proof of credentials into any other asset or data file to help establish unique immutable ownership.

GOTO is a radical aggregation of pioneering visionary for a safe and secure world. The game-changing technology provides distributed integrity to digital credentials so that they become portable, interoperable, and unforgeable. 

“Since our founding, we believed that TODA digital technology would provide decentralized integrity, with security and privacy by design, suitable for the most mission-critical applications across key sectors. said . As we started designing GOTO we knew we had a game-changer, but needed an identity solutions partner that could deliver assured trust for identity, credentials, and biometric verification at a level suitable for mission-critical applications. Once we met Grabba led by Micah and their experienced team, we immediately knew we found the right partner. There was an immediate fit with their values, focus, and long track record of successfully delivering. Grabba’s hardware origins also gave them an edge in understanding how to build and deliver valuable software products.”

TODAQ CEO Hassan Khan

The GOTO SDK and Authenticator App provide full edge functionality with the following key features:

  • Define ID types (e.g., passport, driver’s license).
    • Create unforgeable, portable, and interoperable credentials.
    • Bind proof of credentials and identity into any data file or asset.
    • Offer local, peer-to-peer verification with biometric liveness matching.
    • Provide real-time, auditable transparency with matching, immutable verification logs for credential owner and verifier.
    • On the server-side, offer a cloud native container deployment or an easy-to-use SDK to power on-premise and cloud systems in a few short steps.
    • Secure all endpoints with three mobile device options for customers:
      • Power existing mobile apps by linking to the GOTO authenticator app; and
      • Convert and rebrand a white-labeled credentials app;
      • Convert existing mobile apps to become natively GOTO capable.
    • Dynamic pricing options with a free trial period and a free starting bundle of credentials and monthly verifications.

“With today’s interconnected world, we need an ecosystem of trusted technologies to support the inevitable changes to the way we live, work, and how we value things, with personal ownership of identity and data combined with assurance of security and privacy. For decades, Grabba Technologies has been pushing the boundaries of identity security innovation and we’ve accelerated our growth by partnering with deep tech companies like TODAQ. In collaboration, we have built GOTO for the world’s only distributed and decentralized secure asset ownership platform. It’s no longer the Internet of Things driving only connectivity, but the Integrity of everything that will support the secured mobile lifestyle society is demanding. Grabba runs on an ethos centered around integrity and the values alignment we have with CEO Hassan Khan and his team makes TodaQ an extension of our community – we believe in the vast capacity of GOTO in solving many of today’s data integrity and asset ownership challenges.”

Grabba CEO Micah Walker.

GOTO has been developed for ease of use, fast installation, a low-code design to minimize set-up, and streamlined deployment effort. Price was a key element factored into the product design. Many existing market solutions are priced to only be realistically affordable for financial services and global enterprise workforce applications. The distributed P2P functionality of GOTO enables self-credentialization, allows unique credentials to be interoperably used anywhere, and securely moves computation and storage to endpoints at the Edge. Each of these differentiating points proved essential in delivering a more cost-effective product that can be deployed to previously economically unpractical use cases.

GOTO is available through the Redhat Marketplace today and direct through TODAQ and Grabba.

Learn more about TODAQ

TODAQ is a deep-tech cryptography company building an open-source layer of Web 3.0 data integrity and application protocols to allow for the creation, ownership, control, and P2P transfer of unique digital assets between systems.  From governments and corporations to small businesses and individuals, everyone can use TODAQ products to have real ownership and control of their identity, data, and assets.

Learn more about Grabba

Grabba Secures Identity by transforming the best identity technologies for organizations, nations, and people. With decades of experience building an integrated system of highly secure technologies, Grabba is becoming the trusted authority in identity. Grabba is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with support offices in Dubai, London, and Washington. 

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