Secure your documents with biometric verification.

The GrabbaID DocuSign integration adds a new level of biometric security and audit trail to DocuSign’s existing eSignature offering.

Free trialNo commitmentCancel anytime

Free trialNo commitmentCancel anytime

Next level security.

GrabbaID seamlessly wraps a biometric security blanket around DocuSign. Extra security, without extra hassle.

  • Ensure documents are signed by the intended signer.

  • Retain ownership and control of all your biometric data.

  • Audit any changes for the documents entire lifecycle.

See the person
behind the signature.

GrabbaID increases trust by linking facial biometrics to eSignatures. It makes digitally signing a document as secure as a “wet ink” signature.

Retain the convenience of digitally signing a document but without the associated risks.

How it works.

Securely access
from anywhere.

A custom web portal with powerful tools to manage documents in one central location.

  • Securely send, sign, and view your library of documents.

  • Precisely control document access for all signers and viewers.

  • Self-hosted options available for enterprise accounts.

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