Secure your documents with biometric verification.

The GrabbaID DocuSign integration adds a new level of biometric security and audit trail to DocuSign’s existing eSignature offering.

Grabba integrates the latest biometric and data capture technologies for secure and effective identity solutions.

  • Iris Recognition

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Capture

  • Passport Reader

  • Contact Smartcard Reader

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader

  • Barcode Reader

  • Machine Readable Zone

  • RFID

A safe world.

Governments and Leaders all over the world are wanting to ensure the safety of their citizens as they grapple with growing populations and digitally transforming cities.

Grabba provides powerful tools allowing empowered sovereign identity and enhanced border security.

Security and Policing.

Quickly and securely protect your borders, facilities, events and empower lawful international travel and trade.

  • Special police deployments in Europe, Asia and the United States

  • Fingerprint Scanners (X000-PIV “PIV certified” for Android and iOS, and X000-IBS “Appendix F Mobile ID FAP 45 certified” for Android) are certified by the United States FBI.

  • Protecting all ground borders between China and Hong Kong

  • Active deployments to U.S Customs and Border Protection
    (U.S Department of Homeland Security)

An engaged world.

Organisations all over the world are looking for ways to offer better customer experience and access to their offering, even during a crisis.

Grabba brings a whole new dimension of customer empowerment in the world of banking, combining identity transactions with payment technologies to benefit people on the move. 

Retail and Banking.

Offer better customer experiences, keep their identity and payments safe, and hold onto their loyalty for a lifetime.

  • National deployment to Retail Telecommunications providers

  • Registered Identity Validation provider for the U.A.E Government

  • Mobile Identity solution provider for M-KYC and secured ID Validation

A mobile world.

People all over the world are seeking more time, freedom and access to do the things we love… while staying safe and secure in an increasingly uncertain and fast-paced mobile world.

Grabba empowers a person with the freedom to move and transact in an increasingly digital world – proving who they are from the comfort of their own smart device.

Operations and Logistics.

Overcome COVID-19 and meet the increased security and safety of your supply chain.
Deliver better economic, environmental and social outcomes.

  • Long Term vendor for US based global cruise operators and ports

  • Solution provider for agribusinesses across Australia

  • Bespoke product designed for couriers and e-commerce logistics

The identity solutions built by Grabba offer enterprises a secure and way to validate their customers identity.
And for the customers…. an easier way to live.

Trusted by 1000+ international businesses

Grabba has 18 years of expertise in the design, creation, and implementation of data capture and identification technologies. With millions of validations completed every year, we are trusted by over 1000 international businesses and organisations, as well as numerous governments.

Grabba “gave our officers the capability to do law enforcement and biometric queries on a smartphone”. It is an “efficient device that officers on the frontline say is having an impact.”


We’re here to help.

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