Is it possible for a Grabba device (iPhones only) to detect more than one RFIDs in a single go?

Multiple scanning can be done for 14443 cards. Basically select a card in the field and then tell it to...

Do you read IT36 or IT67 RFID tags?

Our Grabba devices xxx8 with ultra frequency read those tags, please contact Grabba sales for more information.

Is the Grabba unit compatible with Corporate 1000 HID cards?

Yes, the RFID technology supports Corporate 1000. In the Grabba driver under Preferences, go to Proxcard Preferences and make sure...

When we use the reader for Prox card read, it returns raw data. How do we convert it to actual CSN?

There are a number of preferences/settings you can change under the PREFERENCES>Proxcard preferences. For your situation have a look at...

In HID iClass SE demo (GRCatalog app), please explain each setting and its use?

Our HID readers, store a set of default security keys, which can be selected using the Key Slot 0 drop...

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