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How long do I need to charge my Grabba if the battery has gone completely flat?

Upon receiving your Grabba, you should place it on charge for at least three hours, even if the charge light...

How long should my Grabba battery last?

There is no exact answer for this. The battery is sized to provide at least an average working day of...

My Grabba is a couple of years old now, and the battery does not seem to be lasting as long between charges. What should I do?

Grabba devices have a Lithium-Ion cell inside the device, which will degrade slowly over a few years. Please contact support...

Why does the Green charge light show on the Grabba immediately I plug in the Grabba

This could indicate a battery problem. Unplug the charger from the Grabba for at least 10 secs and retry. If...

I plug the charger into the Grabba and I don’t see any lights

Firstly ensure the wall charger is plugged into a functioning power socket and the charge connector is properly connected into...

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