What technologies can I have in a Grabba?

The Grabba can have a wide variety of data capture technologies. The technologies can be by themselves or they can...

Can I make or receive a phone call with the Grabba attached to my Smartphone?

Yes, in virtually all cases unless this function is disabled by your application software.

Can I take my Smartphone out of the Grabba to take a photo without needing to reload my application software when I put it back?

Yes you can do that in most cases but check with your software developer. The Grabba will automatically disconnect and...

Since the S-Series Grabba has a USB connector, does this mean it can be connected and used as a barcode scanner or card reader in a PC or Laptop?

No. The S-Series Grabba devices use our patented technology to manage the connection state between the PDA/Smartphone, Grabba and PC....

I want to scan a vehicle VIN number through a windscreen, which scanner should I use?

For this job the best and most economical for this difficult task is the Grabba x300 range. It has a...

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