How can I detect the remaining battery life of the Grabba in your Grabba SDK?

РFor Grabba iOS SDK: Please click here for more information: batteryLevel() РFor Grabba Android SDK: Please click here for...

The Grabba Driver diagnostics page is not showing my Grabba information properly. What should I do?

Firstly, try charging the Grabba device using the supplied charger (for Palm Universal Connector models simply attach to a powered...

Even though I know my Grabba is charged, I sometimes have problems with the Grabba Driver and other times it works fine. Why might this be?

In a couple of Palm or PocketPC devices, the Infrared port interferes with the serial port used to communicate with...

Do I need a separate driver for each Grabba technology?

No, all the available technologies are supported in the standard Grabba Driver.

What is the difference between a driver and a Keyboard wedge?

The Driver must be installed on the Smartphone. Keyboard wedge is an available function within the driver. If your application...

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