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I don’t think my Grabba is working any more, what can I do to check this?

The Grabba Driver contains a diagnostics page which shows the details of the unit such as battery percentage left, the...

Why has my Grabba has stopped working?

The Grabba has an internal rechargeable battery. Make sure you have charged the Grabba using the Grabba wall charger or...

My smartphone indicates the Grabba is connected but the Grabba does not work.

Do a reset on the Grabba. If the reset does not fix the problem then contact Support about your problem.

What does a message “Firmware Upgrading” or “Firmware Downgrading” mean?

The version of firmware in your Grabba must match the Grabba driver version. This process is done automatically by the...

Why do I see this “firmware” messsage?

You may have downloaded a different version driver than you were using or the Grabba may be connecting to a...

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